The 24/7 Chastity Slave – Why Your Husband Craves To Be A single

Many men crave to be a 24/7 chastity slave to their wives. But , with society and men’s upbringing being what exactly they are, it is often a very difficult desire for a person to express even to himself, not to mention articulate it to his wife.

The particular 24/7 chastity slave

The greatest misconception about the need and desire so many men have to submit to their wives is it makes them less of a person.

Indeed, unfortunate and wrong as it is to do so, the particular concepts of “slavery” and “feminisation” are often conflated in the minds of ladies, and they automatically assume if their man wants to be their slave, then he must needs also want to have to dress just like a woman and be not more than a man to her.

Which is completely untrue. Because while there are many men who do desire that, the vast majority tend not to.

The majority of the men who want to become slaves to their wives desire this for entirely different factors.

Three most common I’ve found tend to be:

  1. These people know at a deeply, visceral level they are not measuring up to the promises they will made to their wives when they got married . Whether this has any schedule in fact or not, isn’t the point. This is the way he or she feels . The fact is he could be usually no more at fault compared to his wife is perfect for allowing wedding ceremony to have “comfortable”, especially in bed, however it strikes him harder than it does her. Sex is really a bigger deal compared to it is for his / her wife. She actually is much more interested, in the main, in the emotional intimacy – and this is certainly something making a man the chastity slave offers you.
  2. These people feel that concentrating on their wives’ requirements, both physical and emotional can give them both more satisfaction . This really is almost always correct. A woman could make love all night and have nearly unlimited orgasms, with each being more powerful than the last. What’s more, the older the lady gets, at least until her menopause, the more adept at this she turns into. In contrast many men are out of their sexual perfect by the time they are 30. By the time you’re the married couple inside your early forties, its likely that your spouse needs a much more lovin’ than you’re giving her.
  3. Orgasmic pleasure denial, in and of itself is exquisitely pleasurable . You will have to take this on faith, as I do personally. My hubby, who likes maybe two or three orgasms annually, and who will soon be involving strict and permanent denial, tells me the feeling is like “being half way to orgasm all the time”. I can take his word for it (as any woman should take her man’s word for it, too, and just love it ).

It is too easy for a female to become analysis about all this and inquire “why”.

You don’t need to.

Simply accept the fact this is what your hubby wants, and if you relax into it and get into the game with him, and firmly enforce the rules the two of you consent to, then there is no reason whatsoever for you each not to enjoy his / her role as your man chastity slave.

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27 thoughts on “The 24/7 Chastity Slave – Why Your Husband Craves To Be A single

  1. How do I make a home made chastity belt?
    Next week my uni is having a Fetish themed night, and I’m taking part in a fetish costume secret santa. Any ideas on how to make a home made chastity belt for less than £20?
    For a man…

  2. I am a teenager in high school and i choose to wear a chastity belt. It gives me comfort and security. However, a bunch of friends want to hang out. I want to hang out, but usually someone ends up getting laid. So how do I go about telling my friends that I wear a chastity belt?

  3. The writer of a novel, which contains a ‘soft’ call to chastity is seeking sponsorship to distribute 1000 copies to high school students in fifty high schools in Jamaica W.I(20 for circulation, in each school). As much detail, as possible would be given on the novel(including an extract), if requested. Sponsorship in terms of finance is required immediately, but the sponsor or a representative would be expected to visit Jamaica to make the presentations at a later date. The writer would also provide evidence of the authenticity/ credibility of the project, if requested .

  4. In our Values Education unit, we’re currently discussing the philosophical, psychological and religious views on different values, so I’d like to ask what chastity or purity is, in terms of psychological views.

  5. I don’t know if there is like a huge difference or none at all between Chastity rings and Purity rings. I would like to know the difference and appreciate it if someone response, :]

  6. In observation, many old people who were living conservative lives during their teenage years such as the practice of the virtues of chastity, modesty, celibacy, and purity seems to have stronger bonds, celebrating years of marriage and having a fulfilled marriage and family life.
    Don’t you think that the practice of the so called “freedom” these days such as premarital is the greatest contributor to having broken families and wounded relationships?

  7. I’ve been thinking for a while now about getting a promise ring, or chastity ring, but I want to go a little bit deeper with my research on the subject so that I can clarify all my doubts. If anyone has any information on this or wears one themselves it would be really nice if you could give some information, pointers, or just a basic explanation about making this promise. If anyone has a link to any site with more information, that would be just as good. Thank you so much.

  8. What sort of punitive god would expect people to make vows of chastity and poverty? How does that make someone more “righteous” and morally right? Does suffering prove you are more worthy or something then?

  9. I’ve been meeting plenty of women who are Christians as potential dating partners. However, I was unsettled by the fact that all of them have a sêxual history of immorality. As a result of their lack of chastity, I, a virgin, decided not to pursue a relationship with any of these women.

    Why have most Christian women engaged in sêx? The Christian teaching is not to have sêx with anyone but your spouse.

    I’m 23, by the way. Most of the women I’ve been meeting are my age, give or take.

  10. This may be a bit forward, but I was curious as to how the Japanese people, who are known for their shyness, think about the whole chastity before marriage thing. Is it common? Uncommon?

  11. I got this jersey girl I’m planning to go out with and she has this vow of chastity, how do I get her to break her vow of chastity and do it with me? PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. I mean I understand how it is like an arranged marriage because Zeus sort of said, “yeah if she picks the flower, she’s yours” but…. please help? And how does it relate to chastity?

  13. Im going to wear a dress and i need to know how to hide my chastity belt (female) from showing. If you dont know what it is then im me or dont answer.

    Any ideas anyone? :)

  14. Next week my uni is having a Fetish themed night, and I’m taking part in a fetish costume secret santa. Any ideas on how to make a cheap home made chastity belt?

  15. they didn’t have pads back then so did they use cloth or something? and if they had a chastity belt what happened when their period came? try to stuff cloth in their chastity belts?

  16. So I was a little impatient with my girlfriend and our intimacy issue, i.e. her chastity belt. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I called the local locksmith. He arrived and told me to wait in the other room while he tried unlocking the belt. 45 minutes had passed, and I walked into the room and they were both gone. I havent seen either of them in 2 weeks.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? Where could they be? Do you think they are ok?

  17. Hey I want to have some fun I just found the body of this girl I’m guessing she’s Christian ’cause she has a chastity belt, how do I remove it?

  18. (Other than the Jonas Brothers I mean…)

    Shouldn’t we, as mature adults, respect other people’s decisions about their sex lives? And shouldn’t we be happy that some teens are choosing not to risk teen pregnancy?

    I guess I just don’t see what’s so funny about chastity rings.

  19. I think it would be great sometimes to have chemical castration, or a chastity belt to keep away the darkside of male puberty. The overwhelming sexual feelings, the masturbation, the unwanted attention that girls receive from guys when the guys go through puberty.

    Anybody can answer if you ever thought just for a moment they might be a good idea. I am not advocating this but from time to time wished I could have escaped the feelings.

  20. I am doing GCSE R.E. and I need to know what the difference between celibacy and chastity is for an assessment on Monday. Can anyone help me out please? (I’m studying Religious Orders and Holy Orders if this helps.)

    Thanks so much! :)
    Oh, and I’m also studying the Laity… which one fits into the Laity: Celibacy or Chastity?
    and what about nuns? I swear people say they’re chaste, but then they are only waiting to have sex. If you become a nun, aren’t you a nun for life?!
    and what about nuns? I swear people say they’re chaste, but then they are only waiting to have sex. If you become a nun, aren’t you a nun for life?!

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